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Registry your Letting

Get your rental business registered from 179.99€*
* price for urban appartment


The Documents you Need

Download traveler's registry sheet, complaint sheet as well as other documents that you need in your business admin.


File your Tax

Once your rental business is running you will need to declare revenues and file your tax.
File your tax

Rental business regulation obliges owners of holiday lettings:


  • Registering the property in a census of holiday apartments in urban areas
  • Guaranteeing some minimal services and equipment for the comfort and safety of travelers
  • Keeping a registry of travelers for at least one year and provide them with touristic information about the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is considered to be a touristic apartment?

Any real estate of Andalusia located within an urban area that is offered for rent for a price determined by its owner and it is advertised through tourism channels, such as travel agencies, online platforms, etc… This norm does not affect:

2.What if I only rented in summer (or any other season)? Should I register?

Yes. Even if you do not advertise it online.

3.What is involved in registering my apartment?

The registration involves the filling of a “Declaración Responsable” (acknowledgment of responsibility) and presenting the requested information in the Tourism Dept in your province.
In LimitConsulting we have prepared a Registration Pack that will allow you to concentrate on your rental business with peace of mind.

4.Do I have to become a self-employed? How is my business taxed?

There is no need to register as self-employed. No social security payment is required.
Tax residents declare their income annually through their tax return (RENTA) Nonresidents need to file a tax form every quarter in which there are rental incomes.

5.Can I rent only a room in my own residency?

Yes. The requirements and paperwork are the same in this case. It is mandatory that the owner resides in the house. In other words, you cannot rent a property by rooms unless it is your own residency.

6.Do I have to make a contract and collect the passport of each visitor, even for 1 night?

Yes. Hotels, for example, need to send this information to local police for every booking. For the moment, all passports and booking information must be kept for one year.

7.How do you help me to run my rental business?

We have made available templates and copies of documents that you may use to comply with the legal requirements. We include you in our special alert to advise you of changes in the legislation. We are happy to answer your questions too.