If you are a non-resident property owner in Spain you are obliged to file a different tax depending on the use that you give to your property. Resident owners include their revenues declaration in their annual tax return.

second hme

1.Second home

If your property remains empty, available for your visits to Spain, you need to file an annual wealth tax based on the tax value of your property.
Deadline: 31st of December

rented properties

2.Rented properties

If you rented your property, you need to file a tax based on your revenues each quarter in which there are incomes

both cases

1 & 2.Both cases

If the two circunstances are given in one calendar year you need to file "wealth tax" proportionally to the time that it was at your disposal and "rent income tax" for your revenues

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With full support of our team of accountants to back you up, in a painless way, you will be able to submit your property tax.

  • Registration.
  • The first time you will need to provide basic information about your property

  • Remainders.
  • Every tax season you will be ask to provide rental business balance if applicable or confirmation to proceed.

  • Preparation & Submission
  • We will prepare your tax forms and offer several ways to pay it. See prices for each type of presentation.

  • Representation before Tax Office
  • We reply to any request of additional information by the authorities in your behalf.


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