Remote Assistant services

Do you need some help with the administration side of your business?.

We know you cannot be everywhere. Your business certainly needs you out there; talking to potential clients, involved in promotions, opening new ways of business, doing the job... Do you need some help with the administration?

We can prepare your invoices and manage your paperwork until you can afford to hire a secretary. If you can work on the cloud, we can provide you a remote assistant!.

Your remote assistant is an administrative professional charged with handling and overseeing the administrative responsibilities of your business. These responsibilities include invoicing, coordinate payments, receiving money, matching bank accounts balance with documents, and maintaining paperwork. Someone in this job must have a high level of trust and efficiency, as well as a natural aptitude for numbers.

One of the primary duties of any administrative secretary job description is the receiving of monies paid into a company. This secretary is often the first point of contact for payments coming into a business, and he or she is responsible for ensuring those payments are posted in a timely manner, recorded, and verified. This job involves an extreme amount of attention to detail.

Keeping meticulous records of all monies going into and out of your company is another key responsibility of a financial secretary. He or she will track all money flowing to and from the business and help you anticipate payments.

Some tasks that you can delegate
  • 1. Invoicing.
    Quipu is great with recurrent invoicing. But there are things that require human supervision. Tell us how you like things to be done and we will do it for you. We can send the invoices and coordinate their payments, apply discounts, etc....
  • 2. Collection of expenses invoices.
    In order to be included in the books and stand a tax review you need valid invoices. We can call your suppliers and obtain valid invoices for all your tickets and delivery notes. Make your you obtain the right documents. .
  • 3. Projections and cash flow control.
    For any company, having a positive cash flow is vital. For that you need to plan well you payments. This may require negotiation with supplier regarding timing for payments. .

There are few things we cannot do with a phone call. Tell us what you need!.

Some Questions Answered

  • 1. How do I train my remote assistant?.
    Our assistants are well familiar with administration work and requires no general training. However, you want to tell them how you like things to be done or some specific information about your field. You can spend a few hours to start it off. Your assistant may need to ask you a few questions to make sure the work will be done your way. Then he or she can do their work with little assistance.
  • 2. Is my assistant always available?.
    Your assistant will only be available for a phone call during the agreed work schedule. You can email your assistant at anytime and leave work queueing to be done. You may agree a fix schedule or you can just give freedom to do the work by a reasonable deadline.
  • 3. How much will it be?.
    The price per hour will vary depending of the amount of hours needed per week and other circunstancies. Do not hesite to call us to learn more. No committment!. We can also offer closed prices for projects.
  • 4. What happens if I run out of paid time?.
    If your job requires of more time that you have contracted, you will be reminded via email and offer the possibility to buy more time.
  • 5. Can my assistant work from my own office?.
    This aspect is negotiable in some conditions are met. Ask us.
  • 6. Can I propose a different arrangement?.
    We will try to adapt to your specific needs. Please tell us your idea.